Writing Competition: EUROPA 2073

To mark 50 years BA European Studies at the University of Limerick, the Centre for European Studies in co-operation with IrelandEU50 has launched a creative writing/art competition that aims to encourage third level students on the island of Ireland to look into the other direction, to imagine Europe in 2073, 50 years from now. What will Europe look like? What are your hopes and dreams – or fears – for this continent in 2073? Submissions can consider any aspect of the social, cultural, economic or political future of Europe, including that of the European Union.

Europe is multilingual. Alongside work in English and Irish, submissions are also invited in the three other EU languages the BA degree programme offers, French, German and Spanish.

First prize in each category: €500, 2nd prize €200, 3rd prize €100. Additional €200 special prize for creative work on “The European Union in 2073”.

Deadline for submission is 19 March 2023.

Address for submissions: Europa2073competition@ul.ie.

Further details in the leaflet below and from Joachim.fischer@ul.ie.


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