About Us

About Us

The Association strives to improve the visibility of German Studies in Ireland and facilitate communication amongst colleagues. You can read our charter here. The following issues are being prioritised:

(a) Updating of the membership register and the subscription system. Colleagues at all third-level institutions in Ireland are encouraged to join. Also welcome are part-timers, postgraduates, retired colleagues or free-lance Germanists. Details on how to join can be found here

(b) A Website for the Association. The Website contains information about the Association, links to other organisations and institutions and links to pedagogically helpful websites. The Website should provide a focal point for German Studies activities on the island of Ireland and aims to foster communication within the profession.

(c) A Directory of Germanists working in Ireland in printed and electronic form.

(d) The creation of a Yearbook for the Association. It is intended that the Yearbook will be peer-reviewed, that established researchers as well as Nachwuchs would contribute, that thematic issues would be published (e.g. German literature, linguistics, applied linguistics, Landeskunde) and that it would carry reviews. Paid-up members of the Association would receive a copy of the Yearbook.


The committee members are:

Linda Shortt (Joint Chair), Maynooth University

Michaela Schrage-Früh (Joint Chair), University of Galway

Anita Barmettler (Secretary), University of Limerick

Siobhán Donovan (Joint Editor of the Yearbook), University College Dublin

Tina-Karen Pusse (Treasurer and Joint Editor of the Yearbook), University of Galway

Jakob Summerer (Postgraduate Representative), Trinity College Dublin