GSAI Annual Conference, Maynooth University 26-27 November 2021

This year’s conference is organised by the German Dept. at Maynooth and will be held online.

Blending in interkulturellen Kontexten

In modern society, almost every context can arguably be characterised as intercultural, requiring us as human beings to engage in reflection and blending as we engage in the iterative process of identity negotiation in constructing our ‘self’. This can also easily be seen in the diverse disciplines comprising fields of enquiry in German Studies in Ireland, ranging from literary, cultural and film studies through to Applied Linguistics, particularly given the necessity of supporting intercultural development as part of our students’ language learning journeys. The annual GSAI conference 2021 hopes to bring together Germanists nationally and internationally to exchange ideas on blending in intercultural contexts across the aforementioned sub-disciplinary boundaries to create a stimulating and fruitful forum for discussion.

Registration is here.


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