GSAI Virtual Conference, 26th February 2021

Due to the pandemic, the GSAI conference has had to be postponed and it will take on an online format. The current plan is to have a one-day virtual conference on Friday 26th February 2021, with research papers in the morning, and the AGM and Yearbook launch in the afternoon. There will be no specific conference theme, but rather one panel on ‘Alternative Perspectives on the Fall of the Wall’ and one on ‘New Irish Research’.

The GSAI conference usually gives us the opportunity to catch up with colleagues and to hear the latest research in German Studies from across the island. This virtual conference aims to replicate this as best as possible, allowing us to keep in touch and stay connected in these uncertain times.

We will update you with a conference programme soon!

NB: Although there is no conference this year, and the next one is online, please do remember to pay your subscription for 2020. Bank details are on the website:


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