NUI, Galway German Department presents: ‘Die Befristeten’ by Elias Canetti

DUntitledie Befristeten, written by Nobel Laureate Ellias Canetti  in 1964, will be performed in Galway by final year students from NUIG in March. The annual theatre project – now a German Department institution – is a very popular module for students.


The play shows a fictitious, seemingly futurist society, in which the age of every person’s death is not only predetermined but also known. In fact, everyone’s is named after the age at which they will die. This knowledge is celebrate as an achievement of civilisation. Only one person by the name of 50 questions this system does their utmost to challenge this previously undisputed truth. That’s when he – and the audience – get a big surprise…

The German-language performances are on 14th, 15th and 16th March  at 7PM on camus in the Bank of Ireland Theater. The Preview is on 13th March. Dagmar Drabent is the director.


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